It seems there may have been a minor issue in the last release of my iTunes Affiliate Link Maker wordpress plugin. Quite simply, if you had an existing install and didn’t have any links in it yet, you may continue to see the upgrade warning/notification no matter what you do.  The man known to me only as daykilla has found the bug and nailed a quick solution (top work!) that’ll get you going for now.

If you need to work out what’s going on and how to fix it, head over and check out the post describing it. In the mean time I’ll be releasing an updated 0.5.2 later this evening with that fix and maybe a few extras.

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2 thoughts on “Resolving A Minor Issue With iTALM v0.5.1

  1. Hey, I love most of this plugin. The one thing that I’m having trouble with is url masking. When I enable it I get a “404 not found”

    I’ve got a major cold so I can’t think clear enough to dig through the code. Any clues on what the problem might be or where I should look in the code for that issue?

    I’ve got the latest WP and latest iTALM (FYI)

    Thanks for putting this out, if I can get this last part working I’ll be majorly excited!

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