Attending Making IndieWeb Friendly WordPress Themes
The IndieWeb WordPress community could use some more theme options. Let's get together as a community and host a Theme raising (a play on the idea of the old barn raising). We can all work/hack together to make some of the popular WordPress themes more IndieWeb friendly. We'll discuss methods for ad...

I’ll be there, to push one of my own themes more into submission and also as a volunteer.Β  I’ve been using WordPress since it became WordPress and know my way around it well.

Native instruments when they released the s88 refused to admit they used a fatar keybed and even went so far as to deny it had a fatar Keynes, but people kept saying it was a TP100.. here we are, straight outta the s88, smelling of coffee.

One of my friends mum’s is an amazing native flora artist. His wife is an amazingly talented designer who turns some of that art into products. These are some tea towels they made that are cool as fuck. My grandma would be super impressed.