Many of you wont know, but i live a double life drenched in Music. To keep it short, i love music and the effects it can have on people and their mentality. I used to produce a bit of Drum N Bass but i stopped quite some time ago as it wasn’t making me happy, it was leaving me in a bad mindset. Fast forward a few more years and i’ve been practicing rapping for a few years, so i started to get down n dirty and start seriously writing both beats and raps (on the mic as Percuss), what follows is the end result of a month or 2 of getting back into the studio. I’ve only managed to get vocals down for one below and that beat is jacked from Swollen Members – Heavy Thinkers, but the lyrics were so meaningful i just couldn’t resist getting it down. ENJOY.

<a href="">Track X by Ruxton</a>

<a href="">Filters Aint Shit (Percuss &amp; Shareef) by Ruxton</a>

<a href="">Ghost Drummer by Ruxton</a>