Attending Making IndieWeb Friendly WordPress Themes
The IndieWeb WordPress community could use some more theme options. Let's get together as a community and host a Theme raising (a play on the idea of the old barn raising). We can all work/hack together to make some of the popular WordPress themes more IndieWeb friendly. We'll discuss methods for ad...

I’ll be there, to push one of my own themes more into submission and also as a volunteer.  I’ve been using WordPress since it became WordPress and know my way around it well. by Marty McGuireMarty McGuire (
Thanks to Ruxton for making available the source to the IndieWeb Best Nine, here are my “Best 9 Photos of 2019”. The app walks your pe...

Thanks for your updates Marty, I’ll get them into the app.  I just wanted to touch on one thing you wrote in your post, and that’s:

but I don’t consider e.g. /2019/01/ to be a “feed”,

Because it is a feed.

h-feed is a simple, open format for publishing a stream or feed of h-entry posts, like complete posts on a home page or archive pages, or summaries or other brief lists of posts.

Your /year /year/month pages are archive pages and these are exactly what h-feeds are for. A feed is a collection of entries and this is a collection of entries. A good use-case for having them as feeds wanting to follow people for a year or month only.

I really don’t see any reason for it not to be a feed and I’d argue for the sake of implementing spec and having tools that ‘just work’, it should be a feed.


Best Nine is a popular aggregation and summary post practice on Instagram, where photos for the year are sorted by likes and put in a 9×9 grid.

In 2018 i hacked together a basic version of this service for IndieWeb websites that supported rel=next/rel=prev, microformats2 and like.

This year, I’ve expanded on it and fixed some issues. It’s no longer fixed to a specific year, you can do Best Nine in August 2015 if that’s what you want to do and it supports png/jpg/gif.

If you’re interested in finding you best nine photos, check out IndieWeb Best Nine.


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I made an EP with some friends again, the music kind. It’s coming out on record, like vinyl. So hip, so cool. I wanted to make a record years ago and never did, so now I did. Go pre-order it in digitalis or vinyl form and give me some money, so we can afford to make Solace Lane.

This was also posted to /en/music.

Copy of music wars turned up today, I don’t buy a lot of books, but Central Station Records in Perth introduced me to some great years of music, so I just had to bite

Recently I purchased a DJ Tech DIF-1M with stars in my eyes off the back of seeing a year of the DIF-1S and it’s Thud Rumble brother working well. What I received could be described as flaming shit on my door step.

The DIF-1M is seemingly built well with metal. It has a nice height metal box and some metal bracing up where it matters underneath the controls. On paper it looks to be a great mixer, sporting an Innofader mini pnp crossfader, easily (upgradable to any Innofader) midi buttons and a midi knob. Unfortunately those midi features, while being the flagship of the DIF-1M are the things that actually hamper it.

My mixer came to my door step with two problems, the first is seemingly and RMA issue. The crossfader doesn’t always register it is faded completely right, a full fade left-to-right or an up-and-down on the right fader will usually make it correct itself. The second is a slightly annoying interference noise being caused in the mixer itself, turn your speakers up and you’ll hear it).

This noise can be replicated by the following steps:

  1. Disconnect the mixer from everything except power
  2. Plug your headphones in
  3. Set crossfader at middle
  4. Ensure both line faders are up
  5. Turn the headphones up
  6. You may hear that wav file linked above

All this wouldn’t be a problem, if companies operated some kind of support network. As this was purchased on Ebay from a US seller, the warranty lies in the US with the seller, the local DJ Tech distributor and DJ Tech Pro (the manufacturer). So from day one I start the process via Ebay, I contact the seller who doesn’t respond. I’ve since filed returns and eventually an Ebay dispute and now had my money refunded.

However, in this process I contacted everyone in the chain of supply via many means. One responded (who i think is the US distributor?) and quickly stopped responding after feeding me a line.

Facebook contact: 25th November

(also sent messages which got no response)
Emailed: seller & multiple times to no response

So I have my money back, but this is a warning to you. DJ Tech mixers seem good on paper, you’ll even see videos and reviews on the internet rating them highly. But their service and support is 0, so if yours has problems, good luck to you.